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book cover A Passion for Learning, Joy's new book, is now available for order!  
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This new book presents the life journey of Joy's father, Khalil Totah, a Palestinian Quaker educator and activist who's life spanned the waning days of the Ottoman Empire, the British Mandate in Palestine, and the foundation of the state of Israel.

Joy May Hilden
aka Joy Totah Hilden

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book coverJoy's new book is now available for order!  
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I welcome you to share some of the adventures and discoveries I experienced in Saudi Arabia in my quest for information about the declining crafts of weaving, spinning and dyeing. I made long and short trips with my teacher-husband, or with friends, and sometimes alone as a guest. I traveled in all parts of this fascinating country in my desire to learn about and preserve the information for future generations. I hope you find Beduin weaving and those who make it as fascinating as I did.

Joy May Hilden
aka Joy Totah Hilden

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